Epílogo 02
A place for art

It is not surprising that toward the end of the 19th century photographers from far afield installed themselves at the mouth of the Minho and remained by its side for the rest of their days. With a changing reality and the horizon of a river channel that opened into the sea, the creative possibilities were endless.

Nowadays more and more artists find a place here to develop their work, each with their own gaze. Oils, watercolours, installations, sculpture, murals, collages … From the most exact realism to the most expressive abstraction, each one reveals their impressions in this collection of interviews.

Xavier Pousa
Where memory dwells

The courtyard of the house in which the painter Xavier Pousa was born welcomes us as we venture on a journey through his painting around the river that watched him grow. Neither his years of apprenticeship in the Fine Arts Academy in Madrid nor the journeys abroad have prevented him from always returning to the place where today his memory dwells.

Xavier Pousa

Miña nai no mazadoiro


Familia Xavier Pousa

Cerveira Biennal

It was back in 1978 when a group of artists decided to fill the streets of the city of Cerveira with art. Artistic expressionhad found its place after a long wait. Since then, the Cerveira International Art Biennial has never missed its appointment. Innovation and tradition go hand in hand by the banks of the river Minho.

Vila das artes
Pilar Alonso
Un xardín oculto

The flowers on the cover of an old vinyl record transport us into a universe where the gardens remain hidden. In a process of constant exploration, the Vigo-born artist shares secrets and longings. In the end everything is a question of wanting to take the leap. The music plays: Madame Butterfly.

Antón Buciños
Fresh air

«I paint what I see… I see what I feel ». This is how this multi-talented artist defines himself, finding in nature a perfect spot to express what he feels and to ponder the meaning of the river as a metaphor for life itself.